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الهيمنة السعودية… بداية نهاية الربيع العربي؟

بقلم يوسف آيت بناصر – 12 حزيران 2011

الملك عبد الله بن عبد العزيز

أُريد في هذا المقال العودة على حادثة مرّت عليها الصحافة العالمية مرور الكرام،  و القيام بتحليلها في ظلّ مقارنة تاريخية قد تبدو عبثية في البدء، إلا أنها تساعدنا في الواقع على قراءة التحولات المتتالية التي تعرفها الخارطة السياسية و الجيوستراتيجية في العالم العربي
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Obama’s Speech: What Was Unsaid

Commentary by Tamer Mallat and Mélissa Rahmouni21 May 2011

Obama’s long overdue speech on the Arab Spring has provoked a series of mixed and muted reactions across the Arab world. For many, his outspoken remarks claiming that any Palestinian state must be created on the basis of the pre-1967 borders, were received as an encouraging sign that the US is upping the ante on Israel. President Obama’s clear embrace of non-violent and pro-democracy protests in addition to his condemnation of the brutal crackdowns in Bahrain, Syria, and Yemen, aimed to highlight America’s firm position that favors democratic reform. However, Obama continues to stop short of calling for regime change. By encouraging autocrats from Bahrain to Syria to undergo sincere reforms, Obama’s policy remains focused on ‘behavioral change’ over ‘regime change’. Obama’s silence on a number of issues betrays a possibly more sordid foreign policy shift. Not one word was directed at the developing state of affairs in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Algeria and Morocco. Continue reading

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