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L’Iran ne sera pas le gendarme du Moyen-Orient

Par William Hanna – 15 juin 2014

Source: Jason DeCrow/AP

Source: Jason DeCrow/AP

Suite à la conquête spectaculaire de nombreuses villes irakiennes par l’Etat Islamique en Irak et au Levant (EIIL), le président iranien n’a pas hésité à déclarer, samedi 14 juin, que son pays « était prêt à apporter tout soutien nécessaire demandé par le gouvernement irakien, dans son combat contre le terrorisme ». Cette déclaration est d’autant plus significative lorsqu’elle est comparée aux hésitations de la politique étrangère américaine et au quasi mutisme européen. L’annonce par le Pentagone de l’envoi d’un porte-avion déjà stationné dans la région du Golfe arabo-persique, à proximité des eaux territoriales irakiennes,  renforce l’impression d’un attentisme américain.  Continue reading


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Visite du Medef à Téhéran : quelles perspectives pour la France?

Par Henri d’Aragon – 5 février 2014



Le 3 février 2014, une délégation du Medef -la première de cette ampleur depuis dix ans et composée des plus grands groupes français- s’est rendue à Téhéran pour une visite de deux jours. Cette visite ne vise officiellement qu’à « prospecter », selon le Quai d’Orsay, les différents marchés que l’Iran pourrait offrir à moyen terme aux entreprises françaises. Mais en réalité, nombre d’entre elles attendent depuis longtemps la levée des sanctions afin de se positionner rapidement sur ce marché prometteur. Continue reading

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كلّ شيء الى زوال

بقلم أسامة حريري – ١٥ كانون الأول ٢٠١٣

يعلّمنا تاريخ الثّورات ونشئة الأمم أشياء كثيرة منها أنّ الأيديولوجيّات لا تدوم للأبد و لا تصلح لكلّ زمان و مكان. فالأيديولوجيا غالباً ما تكون عائقاً أمام تطوّر المجتمعات وتحرّرها و لا بدّ أن يأتي اليوم حيث تنتصر إرادة التّغيير على جمود الفكر.  ومن النّاس من يتمسّك بالأيديولوجيا المنتهية الصّلاحيّة ، ومنهم من ينتظر قيام أخرى وقسم آخر يرفض الإنصياع لأي شكل من أشكال التّكبيل الفكري. Continue reading

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إحذروا الإعتدال و احذروا السّلام

بقلم أسامة حريري  ـ ٢٥ تشرين الثاني ٢٠١٣



ما هي القواسم المشتركة بين الرّئيس الأميركي باراك أوباما والرّئيس الإيراني حسن  روحاني ؟ قد يبدو هذا السّؤال غريباً بنظر البعض نظراً للفرق الكبير بين كلّ من الرّئيسين ، إلّا إنّ هذه المشابهة تلقي الضّوء على بعض العوامل التي تؤثّر بالعلاقة بين رئيس ” الشيطان الأكبر”  ورئيس  ”الجمهوريّة الإيرانيّة الإسلاميّة Continue reading

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This is Our Gulf: The Legacy of the Abu Musa and the Tunbs Dispute

Commentary by Bart Hesseling – 15 April 2012

Bahr-e Fars: A clear Iranian message on a football pitch in Abu Musa (source: Google Maps)

The recent visit by president Ahmadinejad of Iran to the disputed island of Abu Musa, the first by an Iranian head of state since Hashemi Rafsanjani in 1992, set off a storm of protest in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE recalled its ambassador from Tehran and even convened a special session of the GCC council of foreign ministers. The dispute over Abu Musa and the two Tunbs has become a symbol of Arab-Iranian enmity and, along with the occasional spats over the denomination of the Gulf (Arabian vs. Persian), provides a convenient way for both Iran and the Arab Gulf states to close ranks. Continue reading

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Little Hope for Iran as Green Movement Fades Away

Commentary by Behrooz Vosooghi* –  11 March 2012

"Grandpa says no action is necessary, you just need to put a mirror above each voting box". Source:

It was in June 2009 when an estimated 3 million people marched toward Azadi square in Tehran, showing their opposition to the result of the Islamic Republic’s tenth presidential election. Ever since hundreds of men and women were killed either in the streets or in prisons, thousands more have been imprisoned and tortured, and political leaders have been made to confess before millions of TV viewers. The Islamic regime has sustained the crackdown it first adopted against the opposition. Some people wonder what drove the Green Movement into isolation this fast? I here offer a few reasons for this. Continue reading

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The Saudi Arabian Porcupine and the Spring in the Desert

By Riccardo Dugulin – 10 December 2011

In the course of the first weeks of autumn, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia went through a number of events which largely altered its perception of the regional strategic balance.  On October 8th President Ali Abdallah Saleh stated once more he would leave power in ‘coming days’ amid further protests and violence in Yemen. On October 12, an alleged terrorist plot lead by Iranian secret agents was unfolded in Washington as a hit squad was preparing the assassination of Adel Al Jubeir, Saudi Ambassador to the US. On October 21st President Obama declared that all US troops will be leaving Iraq by January 2012, thus leaving the Iraqi armed forces as the only responsible for the sovereignty and security of their country. On October 22, Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud died. At the age of 80, he had been the longest serving minister of defense and Crown Prince since 2005. Continue reading

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