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Obama, le touriste de l’Orient-Express

Par Moussa Bk – 29 mars 2013

Source : wmaker.net/thouretacash/photos/

Source : wmaker.net/thouretacash/photos/

« Vers l’Orient compliqué, je volais avec les idées simples ». On pourrait croire à un saut dans le futur formulé par Obama. Éternel recommencement, l’actualité au Proche-Orient nous ramène pourtant un demi-siècle en arrière, dans les Mémoires du général de Gaulle. Si un monde littéraire et politique sépare le Président défunt de l’actuel leader nord-américain, l’épreuve du conflit israélo-palestinien leur est certainement commune. L’auteur de l’Audace d’espérer a effectivement tenté de promouvoir une nouvelle vision des relations internationales : teintée d’« empathie », de cosmopolitisme et même de multilatéralisme, sa politique étrangère visait notamment l’instauration d’une paix juste et durable au Moyen-Orient. Un renouveau américain en somme. Continue reading


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The Long-Term Perspectives of Obama’s Unclear Middle East Policy

 Commentary by Takuya Matsuda – 25 September 2011

Source: blogs.aljazeera.net

Amid the political upheaval in the Middle East, the Obama administration has come under heavy criticism for what many analysts and activists describe as a government with no coherent policy in the region. Others have claimed that Obama is little more than an opportunist who changes his stances in accordance with the evolution of particular situations, rather than basing his policy on democratic and just principles. Continue reading

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Obama’s Speech: What Was Unsaid

Commentary by Tamer Mallat and Mélissa Rahmouni21 May 2011

Obama’s long overdue speech on the Arab Spring has provoked a series of mixed and muted reactions across the Arab world. For many, his outspoken remarks claiming that any Palestinian state must be created on the basis of the pre-1967 borders, were received as an encouraging sign that the US is upping the ante on Israel. President Obama’s clear embrace of non-violent and pro-democracy protests in addition to his condemnation of the brutal crackdowns in Bahrain, Syria, and Yemen, aimed to highlight America’s firm position that favors democratic reform. However, Obama continues to stop short of calling for regime change. By encouraging autocrats from Bahrain to Syria to undergo sincere reforms, Obama’s policy remains focused on ‘behavioral change’ over ‘regime change’. Obama’s silence on a number of issues betrays a possibly more sordid foreign policy shift. Not one word was directed at the developing state of affairs in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Algeria and Morocco. Continue reading

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