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The Syrian National Council Versus the Goons of Skepticism

Commentary by Tamer Mallat – 14 November 2011

Burhan Ghalioun's Address to the Nation, November 2nd 2011

It’s been eight months now since the start of the Revolution in Syria, and much has yet to be done. Lousy diplomacy and trivial politics have so far cost thousands of people their lives, not to mention the tens of thousands currently locked up in the despicable jails of Bashar. Yet, there is hope. The final formation of the Syrian National Council last month was crucial for the survival of Syria’s battered revolutionaries. With no resources at its disposal, and skepticism haunting its every move, the SNC has defiantly, albeit slowly, been able to muster up support for its quest to dislodge Bashar al-Assad’s regime from power and pave the way for democracy in a country that has known darkness for over forty years. Just last Friday, the Arab League made some headway by threatening to suspend Syria’s membership if the regime does not halt its ruthless repression. The suspension of the regime’s membership would no doubt represent a game changer for the seemingly endless Syrian Revolution. Continue reading

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Interview: Anthony Shadid on the Political Reconfiguration of the Middle East (Part II)

Interview – 9 November 2011

Source: Associated Press/ Amr Nabil

This is the second part of an interview conducted by Shereen Dbouk with Anthony Shadid in Beirut, on the 2nd of November, 2011. Click here for the first part of the interview. Continue reading

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The Pesky Middle Classes of Syria’s Regime: The Paradox of a Caste that Must Shape Syria’s Post-Revolutionary Future

Commentary by Tamer Mallat – July 18 2011

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It was on March 15, 2011, in the heart of the Syrian capital Damascus, that the spark of a protest attended by no more than a few dozens ignited a revolution that would engage millions. It is in Damascus where, symbolically, and then structurally, the Syrian Revolution will bear fruit and finally end. Symbolically, because the capital represents, with the northern city of Aleppo, one of the last autocratic havens for the regime. Structurally, because the fall of these fortresses will not be the work of the countryside revolutionaries, but by those who today constitute the last bastions of regime support: the urban Syrian middle classes. Continue reading

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Lebanon’s Shameful Silence on the Syrian Revolution

Commentary by Tamer Mallat – June 13 2011

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On June 15, 2011, Syrian revolutionaries will enter their third month of protest. Thirteen Fridays have already past, over 1,300 Syrians have lost their lives – excluding those listed as missing -, and over 12,000 remain incarcerated in a prison system where torture, humiliation, intimidation, rape and extra-judicial execution constitute the modus operandi of regime violence. In face of looming defeat, Bashar al-Assad appears to have waged an open war against the people of his own country. The army is being deployed everywhere, helicopters are gunning down peaceful protestors; for the regime, the “enemy” appears to be no other than the entire population of Syria. And yet, the Syrians have not succumbed to Bashar’s murderous folly. Friday June 10, hundreds of thousands of protestors braved the plethora of bullets being fired at them to continue to voice their demands: the Syrian regime must go. However, in neighboring Lebanon, the scene is very much different. For a country that has suffered from the Assad dynasty’s tyranny for almost three decades, the Lebanese have been awfully quite. Worse even, the majority of Lebanese can be best described as being completely apathetic, to be as diplomatic as the limits allow. Continue reading

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Syria’s Winds of Radical Change

Commentary by @LeShaque  – 8 June 2011

The winds of change have been blowing throughout the Middle East in what has become known as the Arab Spring. In a region that has known little change over the past few decades, people are taking to the streets demanding improvement of their living standards. Not surprisingly, as their lives are more or less the same as they were in the 1950s. These hopes for change came into direct conflict with the regimes’ desire to maintain the status quo that has kept them in power all this time. Continue reading

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